About Us

Polaris was formally founded in 2019 to develop and commercialise web security solutions. Based in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the team developed Polaris' Web Presence Protection as a proof of concept that won a hackathon prior to the founding of the company.

Polaris uses a next-generation AI engine to monitor and analyse website and API traffic. Robust and adaptable, it reduces false alarms with increased threat detection accuracy.

As a cloud-based platform, Polaris monitors trends across web applications to predict and prevent the next attack before damage can be done. Highly customisable and available 24/7, Polaris is an essential for any business in today’s digital age.

Learn more about Polaris' founding story here.

Our Team
Heng Yu Lee
Heng was involved in the realm of information security in various roles, from leading a team of researchers in open source threat research, to providing threat intelligence, forensics and consulting services to clients in his cybersecurity consultancy business. Heng graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in Electronic and Information Engineering.
Chuan Kai Toh
CK was a recipient of Singapore's inaugural National Infocomm Scholarship and had previously worked in technology and cybersecurity roles at Barclays and Singtel respectively. He brings a wealth of experience in network infrastructure and enterprise software development to the company from his software development consultancy business. CK graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in Computer Science. 
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh is a well-recognized security researcher with over 20 years of experience focused on large-scale application, firmware, chipset, micro-architecture and blockchain technology. Previously, he has worked as a CPU Security Architect at Intel Corporation. He concurrently serves as the Chief Security Officer of VNG Corporation, the largest internet company in Vietnam. 
Michael Smith
Michael was most recently the Security CTO of Akamai for Asia Pacific and formerly the director of CSIRT at Akamai. Prior to joining Akamai, Michael served as an embedded security engineer, security officer for a managed service provider, and security assessment team lead. He is an adjunct professor for Carnegie Mellon University and teaches through the non-profit Potomac Forum.
Nguyen Anh Quynh
Quynh is a regular speaker at various industry conferences such as Blackhat USA/Europe/Asia, DEFCON, RECON, Eusecwest, Syscan, HackInTheBox, Hack.lu, Deepsec, XCon, Confidence, Hitcon, Shakacon, Brucon, Zeronights, etc. He also presented his researches in academic venues such as Usenix, IEEE, ACM, LNCS. As a passionate coder, Quynh is the founder and maintainer of several open source reversing frameworks.