Web Presence Protection

Web Presence Protection (WPP) is powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning engine to ensure that attacks are stopped before they affect your business.


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Why choose Polaris

Cutting edge

WPP is powered by our proprietary machine learning engine to ensure that attacks are stopped before they affect your business. With the help of advanced intelligence, WPP lets you focus on reveue generating activities in your business.

Ease of use

WPP comes preconfigured with default protection rules, which means that once your site is successfully enrolled on WPP, it will be defended by Polaris immediately. If additional rules are required, it can be implemented via the WPP dashboard.

Easy to deploy

Deploying WPP is simple and only takes a few minutes. After a simple change to the domain’s nameservers or CNAME, WPP will begin protecting your website, offering you an overview of your website’s status on the dashboard or mobile app.

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Defend Your Web App

Start protecting your web presence to avoid potential reputational damages and data loss from malicious web attacks in as fast as 5 minutes.

Learn more about our features

Comprehensive Web Security in a Single Platform

All-rounded web security

We combine DDoS mitigation, web application layer security and API security into a single solution.


Protects against various types of volumetric attack.


Encrypts your traffic between your site and user.

API Security

Protects your API endpoints from maclicious attacks.

Realtime Reports

Know updated security status of your web apps.

Web Application Security

Protects against hacks targeted at your web apps.


AI that keep attackers at bay

Using self-learning and attack correlation techniques, we are able to predict and defend against stealthy attacks.

Self Learning

Learns application behaviour and user behaviour with dynamic profiling.

Highly Customisable

Maintain high performance with customisable security features.

Attack Correlation

Provides clarity by automatic correlating multiple attack conditions.




Machine Learning

App specific Machine Learning Algorithms are applied to reduce false positive.


Prevention is better than cure

Threat intelligence collected across the clear, deep and dark web enables us to forewarn of imminent or potential attacks.

Suspicious IPs

This data set includes malicious IPs from Tor, VPNs, Proxies etc.

Automatic Application Scanning

Discover known vulnerabilities.

Leaked Data

Leaked data detection from open and paid intelligence feeds.

Intelligence Sharing

Sharing of intelligence helps predict and identify threats earlier.


Detection of phishing attempt using your website.


Round-the-clock expert support

Access to quality cybersecurity professionals is a global challenge - why not leave it to us instead.

24x7x365 Support

Polaris enterprise service includes 24/7/365 phone and email support, and access to an incident management system.

Automatic Load Balance

We automatically send traffic to the next available server if the first one is down or overloaded.

Escalation Path

Escalation path including Polaris experts on your team. Polaris team of experts are on hand to diagnose and resolve your most serious issues.

Online Safegaurd

With our Always Online feature, we keep a simple, static copy of your website up even if your servers are down.

Raw Logs

Enterprise customers have access to raw logs to conduct further data analysis of traffic.


Be notified on the go

Our mobile application gives you peace of mind by providing real-time health monitoring of your web applications. Managed services such as incident response can be requested at one touch.

Experience peace of mind today
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It is easy to get started

  • 1
    Create an account

    Sign up for a free trial and our representatives will contact you for on-boarding.

  • 2
    Put Polaris between you and the world

    Web Presence Protection activates in an instant once our representatives setup your account. Once activated, you are protected!

  • 3
    Configure your preferences

    Polaris allows you to tweak WPP's performance to best suit your company's security policies and your web application's performance.

Some Use Cases

When you need web application security


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I need to deploy this?

It should take approximately 5 minutes to edit your domain's nameserver records and for the new DNS configuration to propagate across the world.

Do I need a technical person to deploy this?

You will just need access to your domain hosting provider to edit the records. A Polaris Partner may also assist you in the onboarding journey upon request.

Can I try out before I subscribe to this service?

Yes, Polaris offers a 30-day, no-commitment trial.

What are the terms of subscription?

The subscription contracts are on either a 1-month or 12-month basis.

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